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Why are cooking classes important for children YOU MIGHT ASK.

With OVER 24.5 million U.S. children, currently overweight or obese, sadly, this is the first generation of children that is not expected to outlive their parents.



Our Mission

Coolinary Kids mission as a fun faith-based mobile cooking school is to change this trend!  We are a nut-free allergy-friendly school that believes in partnering with parents to train up children in the way they should grow through hands-on practical daily life skills for a lifetime of wellness. We come to various locations with all the cheffing goods needed to get children cooking and having fun!

Through our classes, children become empowered to make informed health decisions for their mind, body, and spirit. We strive to inspire children to independently choose healthy foods while being educated on the effects of nutrition on their bodies.      

Cooking is a valuable life skill! We promise to make it a fun experience.  All it takes is one Coolinary class  at a time and pretty soon your child will be on their way to  preparing their meals and yours!

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We teach so much more than cooking ….

As kids chop, blend, mix, taste, smell, meal plan, prepare a grocery list and budget we help build confidence. Working in teams we develop time management and leadership skills to work our way to becoming more self-sufficient.